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Coniglio alla cacciatora - Piatto tipico ischitano - Rabbit ischia-style
Pasta al forno
I vini dell'isola d'Ischia
Pastiera - Dolce tipico pasquale - The neapolitan pastiera

Wine and Divine

Where sea and land collide, a concurrence of unforgettable tastes and colours comes to life. Tomatoes, lemons, aubergines and basil dominate Ischia dining tables, accompanying fish bought fresh from the “paranza” (trawler) slightly after dawn. Lemon and rocket give rise to sweet or pungent liquors, such as limoncello and rucolino. Quoting the inscription on Nestor’s famous cup, “He who drinks from this cup, forthwith him will seize desire of fair-garlanded Aphrodite”. The vine yield is, in fact, magnificent in this sun-drenched, volcanic land. “Biancolella”, “Per ‘e palummo” and “Forastera” range among the best local wines produced by prestigious island winegrowers, family businesses steeped in ancient tradition. Cellars open to the public provide autochthonous wine-tasting opportunities, better still by coalescing them with simple traditional dishes: coniglio di fossa alla cacciatora (rabbit stew with traditionally pit-raised rabbit), bru- schetta, made with wood oven-baked bread or the many other delicious dishes Ischia cuisine has to offer.

The neapolitan pastiera

The neapolitan pastiera THE GIFT OF THE PASTIERA
The pastiera is considered the dessert par excellence of Easter; ever-present, everywhere, both at homes and restaurants, as well as the “struffoli” represent Christmas. Its fortune, tied to an aromatic fragrance reminiscent of spring, has grown over time and, in recent years has become an emblem of classic Neapolitan pastry. In fact it is prepared and consumed also away from Easter holidays. Every family in Naples, as is the case for most of the recipes that have a long history, has developed its own “traditional variant” that is handed down to young people, generation after generation. The pastiera also has a symbolic value, it is a gift and, on Easter Eve, it is given to friends and relatives as a present. This creates a dizzying exchange of flaavours and tastes among acquaintances, a game that turns in a real competition, to decide who has prepared the “best pastiera”.


Rabbit ischia-style

Rabbit ischia-style  THE RABBIT “PRINCE”
The ways of the rabbit are infinite, or nearly so. For islander cuisine rabbit is a real totem, as ragout for Neaples. It is the dish of seasonal rites, feasts, engagements, marriages. The “Ischitana rabbit”, recipe with which the local cuisine identi? es itself, is rooted in history. It dates back to the Phoenicians, who used rabbits as extra food: they captured them in Spain, then set them free in the islands where they stopped off, on their way home after unloading the goods in ports. In the time between a travel and another, the animals reproduced quickly: it was easy to hunt them into the restricted areas of the islands where they landed for supply.


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